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2010 NATURAL OLYMPIA Results with Photos are available on the RESULTS page. Further photos have been added on our INBA cebook page.

)as registration is Thursday with the first events onFriday. The Natural Olympia finishes at early afternoon (after the gala breakstand Awards)on Sunday 13

Hotel special rates of $69.00 a room. Foronline bookings copy and paste this in your internet browser:

In2009 INBA produced a standard embroided Australianuniform that can be used and worn at all future events. Each year weencourageyou to have the garments embroided with further details of the eventand yearyou are participating in.

or call (03) 8683 9781 with the items and size you want. They will besent toyou express post ($15 postage).

Minimum time required to recover from the effects of jet lag is onehour forevery hour you spend travelling. Whenyou board the international flight, adjust your watch to the time inUSA andeat according to the time there. Same applies to sleep. Drink plenty ofwater.Eat Lightly. When booking your airline ticket, ask for low t meals tobeserved. But also take your own food on the plane with your carry-onluggage.Also bring some packaged food in your suitcase,mixed wrestling list uk so you can survive forseveralmeals without the stress of finding bodybuilding food immediately uponarriving. Note: Ifyou bringsupplements, keep them in original containers as its likely customofficialswant to inspect your pills and white powder.

The INBANatural Olympia is arguably the most prestigious natural bodybuildingevent ofthe natural bodybuilding contest season. Drug-free athletes gather fromallcorners of the world to compete at this greatly anticipated event. Forthe moreseasoned athletes, it was another Natural O and another exoticdestination toadd to their list. The enormity of their accomplishments and sacrificessomewhat replaced by the usual contest prep jitters. Fornewcomers, whowere stepping-up to international competition for the first time, itwas perhapsthe fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Queensland.Beautiful oneday, perfect the nextdid not seem r from the truth. The blue skies andpristine beaches an idyllic backdrop for the most amazing naturalphysiques setto rock the Gold Coast. Spread over four days and four differentlocations, thitended Natural Olympia contest was to be a truly unique event. Theatmosphereand camaraderie amongst fellow competitors was extraordinary. Whetheroutwalking through the streets or doing photo shoots

Witharecord breaking 350+ competitors attending the Natural Olympia thisyear, the200 strong Australian team was joined by competitors from a host ofcountriesincluding the bruising USA team, Indonesia, New Zealand, Italy, France,Russia, nail supplies Nigeria, Egpyt, Canada, UK and the Czech Republic.

fterregistering Thursday afternoon at the Mantra Legends, our splendid hosthotel, mostof the competitors were off to

Shooters Bar, justoff popular CavillAve, Surfers Paradise, the venue for the Official Opening and firstevening ofcompetition. The ambience was fun and relaxed. The audience, mainlyINBAcompetitors and their friends, were all eager to get the NaturalOlympiaofficially under way.

TheFemaleand Male SportsModels were the first divisions adjudicated and awarded2009 NaturalOlympia Medals Thursday evening. In an attractive display of beautyblessed withchiseled, symmetrical bodies the 30 Sportsmodels presented naturalphysiques intheir finest condition. After two rounds, which consisted of bikini andgymwear, Emily Troise was crowned the

Sportsmodelwinner ahead of 14 otherhopeful contenders. The striking brunette from Australia had toughcompetitionwith so many gorgeous girls vying for the crown, yet she still managedto pulloff another impressive victory taking her Natural Olympia Titles tothree. Insecond place was Carla Donovan from (AUS) followed closely by JustineSwitalla(AUS) in 3rd.

MaleSportsmodel division.With a great six pack and infectious smile Adam beat out his closestrivalsAlexander Hausen (AUS) and Sario Kalms (AUS) who came 2nd and 3rdrespectively.

BikiniDivas. This division required alot of attitude and sass. Most of the girlshad plenty of this. If they didnt, they needed to get somequick smart as theBikini Diva division was held on a stage in the centre of Cavill Mall.It was afree-to-view event and going by the turn out of crowd it proved to be averypopular one. The sultry and very y Carla Donovan (AUS) won thisdivision.Bubbly blonde Esther Hartog (AUS) placed 2nd with Juliet Cotterill(AUS) inthird place. All twelve competitors looked amazing and need to becommended forbraving the Cavill Ave tourist crowd.

Master Figure International (40+) HelenLongmuir (AUS) was declared the winner. Helen was leaner and hadslightly moremuscle on her frame than Catherine McGillivary (AUS) 2nd. Carita Costa(USA),who was slightly softer than the other two wholesale home hardware , came 3rd.

TheFigure International class follows the popular NPC/IFBB styleof non-posing division. Judging is based on quarter turns only, wheresymmetryand condition are the deciding ctors.

Master Men-Short Class (40+) consistedof ten competitors all with amazing physiques. Last yearsUniverse 40+champion, Paul Anderton (AUS) had a battle on his hands and ended uptakingthird in a very tough line up. In second place was multi-titled SouthAustralian champion Carlos Azevedo. Carlos has a beautiful physiquewith lotsof thick, mature muscle but it was to be razor sharp Matt Nicholson(AUS) whowould take first place. A consistent competitor and lifetime athlete,Mattscondition and muscle mass proved to be too good on the day.

MasterMsPhysique (40+) division. Withquite a few champions amongst them it made thisclass a very tough one to judge. All the ladies looked to be in amazingcondition. Sam Attrills (AUS) polished stage presence sether apart from therest of the line-up. Sam has a nicely balanced physique and knows howto showit off to her best advantage enabling her to take first place. The 2007OverallNatural Olympia Ms Physique champion, Karen Flaherty (AUS), placed 2ndand thevery elegant Karen Crossan (AUS) coming in a close 3rd.

MasterMen-TallClass (40+). His frame held alot of hard, chiseled muscle for someone sotall. He won first place quite comfortably. In second place, MaudeSuteja (AUS)had a pleasing physique with good balance between his upper and lowerbody.Suteja was simply out muscled by Cope on the day. Last yearsNatural Universeand Natural Olympia champion, Roger Waters (UK) was very hard and ingood formbut had to be content with 3rd place.

WomensBodybuilding(40+). Debbie Urquahart (AUS), along-time and multi INBA Australian and NaturalOlympia champion, she was the leanest athlete on the day. Debbie, whoalwayscompete in great condition, won this division ahead of the eversmiling, FimkaHampson (AUS). Fimka has some good muscle on her physique but needs tocome injust a little harder in the legs to take on Debbie. Third place went toDebbieKeen (AUS), salon products who was lean and hard but lacked the muscle size of theother twoladies.

GrandMaster Figure International (50+) firstplace went to Kay Wiseman (AUS). Kay has beautifully shaped shouldersand aphysique that women half her age would aspire to. Runner up to Kay wasCherylFarrell (AUS). Cheryl had a very polished stage presence, great backand nicetight waist. Coming in third was Jenny Madders (AUS) who presented wellbutwasnt quite as tight as the first two place getters.

GrandMasterMen ShortClass (50+) hands downs yetagain. Bowden, a seasoned competitor, seems tobe getting better and better each time I see him up on stage. Hismuscle massand condition proved too much for 2nd placed Basilio Leong (AUS) andTerry Sawa(AUS) 3rd. Leong carried a good amount of muscle on his frame butwasnt quiteas sharp as Bowden. Sawa had the condition but needed a bit more muscleto be acontender for first or second.

GrandmasterMen Tall Class(50+). It would be a 3-0 win forTony Haranas as the judges saw fit to givehim first place yet again. Tony is a testament to what you can achieveby livinga bodybuilding lifestyle for most of your life. Awesome muscle mass andgreatcondition. De Monet brought his best package to the stage for theseason but itwould not be enough to out muscle Haranas. In third place was WayneBritton(AUS) who had a very pleasing shape but lacked size in the legscompared to thetop two.

SuperUltraMaster Men (70+). JoyCrockett from New Zealandperformed the compulsory poses and was given a gold medal for thewomensbodybuiling division. Ever youthful, Dieter Horn took out theMens 70+ class.

UltraMasterMen (60+)saw the beautifully balanced physique of Steve Rosenbaum (NZ) takefirst place.Rosenbaum, like fellow team mates Marlene Henderson and Dieter Horn,defied hisage leaving me baffled as to what is in the New Zealand water thatkeeps thesethree looking so ntastic! Veteran competitor, Carey Greentree (AUS)was in2nd place and in 3rd was crowd vorite Duncan McLean (AUS). Inspiringstufffrom all these men in their 60s.

UltraMasterMsPhysique (60+) dominating withher great condition and awesome backdevelopment. Close in 2nd place was Karola Parsons (AUS) and JaniceLorraine(AUS) in 3rd. A short time later, Lorraine came back on stage for the

UltraMaster Women Bodybuilding (60+)and took 1st place over Cheryl Miller (AUS). Awesome work to all ladies.

Overall Master Ms Physique wasclosebetween Sam Attrill and Marlene Henderson. Eventually the judgesdecided thatSam had the right balance of muscle and curves, along with beautifulstagepresentation to take out the title of Overall Master Ms Physique.

Overall Master Men provedto be a veryclose competition between the short and tall Master Men 40+competitors,Bradley Cope and Matt Nicholson. Cope had lots of size on his frame butNicholson was in the shape of his life with superb condition. It wouldbe up tothe judges to determine whether size or condition would be the decidingctor.In the end Cope out-muscled a very sharp Nicholson and took the OverallMasterMen title.

Womens Bodybuilding Class 1(Under 160cm) MelissaPearson (AUS) took first place honors. Pearson was the leanest athleteon stageyet still had plenty of muscle to push the bigger girls out of the topposition. Monika Greich (AUS), 2nd, has great symmetry and lots ofmuscle massbut needed to be a little bit sharper if she was to challenge Pearson.3rdplace went to firefighter Darlene Garber (USA), who seemed to be havinga greattime up on stage.

WomensBodybuilding Class 2 (Over 160cm) towin this class. Jennifer looked betterthan she did earlier in the day. She has great development in her backanddelts and seemed the clear winner in this division. Second place wentto FimkaHampson (AUS) with Tania Inwood (AUS) close behind in third.

2009 Overall Bodybuilding Ms Olympia -a little bit of historyrepeating itself as Debs posing music seemed to suggest.

MixedPairsdivision at this years Natural Olympia. The class was beingjudged on routinesonly, so it was important for the couples to work well together.Husband andwife team, Melissa and Warwick Pearson (AUS), both in great shape rivets ,looked quitecomfortable performing their routine and took out third place. Insecond placeKirsty Hall and Angus Bailey (AUS) entertained the crowd with somepolishedposing but it was to be Mandy Knowles and Bradley Cope (AUS) who wouldtakefirst place. Their routine set to Circle Of Lifefrom The Lion King was thebest of the day and with Brads size and Mandyscondition these two looked tobe the clear winners.

Mr Natural Olympia Professionaldivision come on stage to showcasesome serious muscle. The line-up was dominated by the USA team, withAustralia closebehind in the number of competitors. Aussie, Tim Martin made his prodebut at thisshow, placing 5th in a line-up of nine competitors. He bought a greatpackagewith good conditioning to the stage and was rewarded on Sunday duringthe GalaAwards for Best Routine, deservedly as it was the most entertaining ofthe day.

MsFitness girls. After threerounds consisting of routine, bikini and dress,Rebecca Tarzia (AUS) was announced the winner. Her dynamic routinecoupled witha very pleasing, yet athletic figure, guaranteed her a first placefinish. Insecond place was petite Cleo Brown (AUS). Cleo was extremely flexiblewhilstperforming her routine and showed off some great explosive moves withherstreamlined physique. Third place went to Elise Thompson (AUS) who hadsomegood muscle on her but perhaps needed to be a little tighter to haveplacedhigher.

StandingDisabled class, who haveovercome great adversities and still be able to stand proud on stage.Andy wasin his best condition for the year. With his great back development andcheerful stage presence, he managed to beat his competition. DavidBuckmaster(USA) 2nd, who had great delts and arms just nudging out third placedClaytonTurner (AUS).

Junior Mens division.The condition and muscle that these youngguys have is mind blowing. If this is the standard at this point intheircareers, Australian body building definitely has a great future. NathanWallace(AUS) was the clear cut winner. The amount of muscle this guy carriesjust setshim apart from most of the others in his class. He has everything goingforhim; mass, symmetry and great presentation. Maybe he just needs tosmile andenjoy himself a little bit more on stage. His closest competition camefrom ashredded Ben Wortley (AUS) 2nd. Wortley had the best condition but justlackedthe muscle size of Wallace. In third place was Jordon Boddam-Whetham(AUS) whohas quite a nice physique, it was just unfortunate he was up againsttwo of thebest natural juniors in Australia.

MsFigureInternational Open Class 1. Theonly other competitor in this class was thestunning Nicky Jacobson (AUS) who obviously came 2nd. Nicky was a tadtighterthan Bailee but Figure International is all about symmetry andpresentation andthe judges vored Bailees overall package for this class.

Mr Natural Olympia Open Class 1 provedto be controversial. There was some confusion, beauty equipment as INBA allowcompetitors tocompete in both amateur and professional divisions until they acceptprizemoney. The scenario being that Joel Ramintas (AUS) and Thomas Anderson(USA)walked back on stage to compete with the amateurs. Perhaps if theProfessionalclass was at the end of the show it would have been accepted a littlebetter asthese two competitors would appear to competed in the amateur classfirst andthen progress to try their luck in the professional division. Whatappeared toeveryone was two pros stepped back into theamateur ranks. Pros who competewith amateurs have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Which iactlywhat happened in this case. Thomas came 2nd & Ramintas placed3rd, bothwere beaten by amateur Shawn Mason (AUS). Shawn was wide, I mean reallyW-I-D-E!!! His huge back and hard hamstrings, by r his best features,stolethe show. In 4th and 5th place respectively was Glenn Gattellaro (AUS)and MattNicholson (AUS). Both in amazing shape just a little unlucky with thecircumstances.

Ms Physique Open Class 1 wesaw abattle between two great champions, Janet Kane (AUS) and Karen Flaherty(AUS).Both ladies seasoned competitors and in great shape pushing each otherfor thetop spot. It was down to the judges to decide whether to go forJanets hardermore muscular look or Karens beautifully balanced figure. Inthe end Janetwith her wide shoulders and tiny waist took 1st place and Karen 2nd.3rd placedGemma Irving (AUS) had great lines and an awesome shape.

FigureInternationalClass 2 from her closest rivalMichelle Witomski (AUS), 2nd. Nataliessuperb symmetry and great condition saw her win this class. Michellelookedgreat and after eight shows in her first year of competing, was veryhappy toplace second at her first Natural Olympia. In third place was WendyYoung(AUS). Wendy comes in hard and was a little unlucky not to do betterthis year.Hopefully well see more of her next year on the competitioncircuit.

MensOpen Class 2,witnessed Justin Firgaira (AUS) doing battle with Stan Tautalonoa (NZ)and OwenBatty (AUS). In a class of fifteen quality competitors the top threewereoutstanding. Owen Batty, a rookie to the Natural Olympia did himselfproud andtook third place in a very tough lineup. Batty has great lines and averybalanced physique but when youre up against the likes ofStan The ManTautalonoa and Justin Firgaira, third place is a great achievement.Stan, asalways, had plenty of quality muscle. He really is blessed with anamazingphysique. It was just unlucky for him that Firgaira was a littlesharper, particularlyin the lower body, to take 1st place.

Ms Physique Open Class 2 witha total of 29 competitors. The depthof the field was incredible. The girls standing three lines deepwaiting to bebe judged was an awesome sight. Needless to say there were manychampions inthe midst of all the ladies and without a doubt the judges had theirwork cutout for them. The top three came down to Natalie Braic (AUS) SamAttrill (AUS)and Karla Gambell (AUS). Karla looked to be in her best ever condition.Withher confident stage presence and entertaining routine she looked happytoreceive third place just behind Sam Attrill, 2nd. Sam did well, provingthatage is no barrier as the overall Masters physique winner could havetaken outthis class as well. However salon supplies , Natalie Braic took first place honors, ittwo Olympia titles for this champion.

MsFigure International theOpen Class 3. Her fuller musclebellies combined with great symmetry madeher the clear winner. In this class of three competitors, BelindaWasowski(AUS) came 2nd and the very lean Kirsten Ey (AUS) was 3rd.

Mens Open Class 2 hadPhillip Hodgson(AUS) and Nathan Wallace (AUS) go head to head in a tough battle.Hodgson, thecurrent Open Class 2 Australian champion, just nudged Wallace out oftopposition with his great lines and overall condition. His wide back andhardhamstrings made him very impressive from the rear. Wallace looked happywithhis 2nd place position and rightly so. With a total of eighteen men inthisline up the Junior Olympia champion proved he could hold his own in thetougheropen class. Mike Sloan (AUS) did extremely well coming in 3rd place. Hemanagedto beat previous champions with a well balanced physique earning him aspot inthe top three.

Ms Physique Open Class 3saw anotherhuge line up of ladies grace the stage. In a field of 28 competitors,ClareRoss, the current Australian Masters 40-49 champion, emerged as thevictoriouschampion. A very lean athlete, Clare was in crisp condition, with anicelydeveloped back and tight abs. Always happy to be on stage Clare was adeservedwinner. Second place went to Leonie Mischewski (AUS) who had a verypleasingshape. Leonies superbly muscled legs, beautiful flowinglines and her gracefulstage presentation clinched her second spot. Third placed RebeccaMicich (AUS)was in great form but unfortunately was not as hard as the top twoladies.

MensOpen Class4. The field of 21 competitorswas dominated from the outset by the awesomeKiyoshi Moody (USA). Having already won the professional division,Kiyoshi wasin first place all the way. His 510 frame carriesA LOT of balanced muscle.Great quads, great back, great delts and arms... in ct greateverything,winning not only this class but also the

OverallMr Natural Olympia title handsdown. Second place went to Jason Konrath(AUS). Jason brought a very tight physique to the stage and lookedamazing. Hewas rock hard from top to toe but was simply out muscled by Moody forthe topspot. Third place went to newcomer, Obi Akintaju (Nigeria), who onlyweeksbefore won the INBA Australian Novice Men Title. Obi definitely has agreatfuture ahead of him in the sport of bodybuilding. Beautifully balanced,withthick muscle, it will be interesting to watch his progress over thenext fewyears.

AmateurFigure International title. Anamazing effort at her firstever Natural Olympia! The battle for

OverallAmateur Ms Physique Natural Olympiawas a battle between Janet Kane,Natalie Braic & Clare Ross with Janet Kane being crowned theoverallchampion and as mentioned previously, Kiyoshi Moody won the